How do I join the march?

All of our core marcher slots have been taken up however you can still join the March to Leave here by signing up to the day you would like to join us. You will be emailed the exact start location. If you would like to join us during the day, please keep an eye on social media where we will be posting live-locations throughout the day.

Please be aware that you will not be catered for by Leave Means Leave if you join us on the day, therefore you will have to organise your own accommodation, food, drink and transport. We would still love for as many of you to attend as possible! If you cannot attend, please feel free to donate to the March to Leave here.

See you there!

What do you mean by core marchers?

Our core marchers are those that have opted to join us on our epic journey from Sunderland to London for two days or more. Becoming a core marcher costs £50. In return, core marchers will receive an official March to Leave kit. Core marchers will be also be provided with dinner, breakfast and accommodation on us. For £50, that’s not a bad deal!

Can we all march, or do we all have to pay?

If you want to join us but do not want our official kit or would only like to march with us for a day, that’s fine too. Marching for a day will be free of charge. Those joining us on the day will be responsible for their own food and accommodation. You can still join the March to Leave here by signing up to the day you would like to join us.

How else can I get involved?

Supporters can come to our start and finishing points for each day to cheer the marchers along, so those who want to be involved but do not want to march or cannot make the journey can still be part of this historic event. We will be publishing specific details of the route closer to the time. Please keep an eye on the website and social media for updates.

I want to be a core marcher but I cannot afford to pay. What should I do?

We have received generous donations from our supporters to sponsor core marchers. As a result, we will be able to offer support for a limited number of people who want to walk with us as we show our dissatisfaction at the ongoing Brexit Betrayal. Please make it clear on your application form if you will be seeking sponsorship.

What time does the March to Leave start and end on each day?

For security reasons final details on start points will be passed to the marchers 24hours prior, however if you want to cheer on the core marchers you can join them from 8am-10am on each day.

What about the last day joining the March to Leave in London?

The last leg of the March to Leave will be from Chiswick to Parliament Square on March 29th. Come along to tell the establishment in London that we must leave and respect the referendum result. Bring your friends and family for one last push to tell the Westminster elite they must not betray Brexit.

When will I know more details about the route?

We will be publishing details of the route closer to the time. Please keep an eye on the ‘route’ page of the website and make sure to follow us on social media.